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, | Unfiltered | December 22, 2017

I’m at my local home improvement store in the garden center with my husband when we spot planters on sale for $22 less than the original price. Unable to pass up a great deal like that, we grab one and head to the checkout.
When we get to the register, the planter rings up for the original price. I tell the cashier that wasn’t right, and that it was on sale. She calls the garden center, and reports back to us that there was no such sale. My husband says okay, never mind, and put it back. I asked her why it might be marked for a price it isn’t, but according to her there was nothing indicating such a sale, being nasty about it the entire time.
We head to the car, but I wasn’t able to let it go. I head back in to the store, find the garden center worker, and I ask her if I can show her the planters. She agrees, and sure enough, there they are, plain as can be. She says “huh! I didn’t even see those!” She takes a photo of the sale price and we head back to the same cashier, who also had a “huh, I guess they are” sort of reaction to the price, ringing me out with a dirty look.

I understand some people try to pull these sorts of scams, but if the garden center worker would have looked a tiny bit harder, this whole ordeal could have been avoided.