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(I work at a ski resort and we just opened. Since we just opened and it’s still warm out, we close early at 4:30. I clean and it’s almost 4:30. I notice a large group of people upstairs in the eating area. Their food and clothes are all over the floor and we can’t finish stacking chairs or cleaning until everyone is gone. The group has been there for over half an hour)

Me:: I wonder when they’re going to leave? I want to go home.

Coworker: Yeah, they closed the lifts 10 minutes ago.

Me: *sighs* Well, we can’t exactly leave until everything is cleaned up….

(The group seem to notice us lingering near)

Man: Oh sorry about our mess.

Me: Oh, it’s okay.

Man: And I know you guys are closed but we were just so tired from skiing and needed to take a break before leaving. It’s not like we could’ve helped it.

Coworker: *whispering to me* Maybe they should’ve came in earlier to pack up or not spend half an hour chatting it up.

(They left around 5:00. When places say that they are closed…. THEY ARE CLOSED. Please don’t make everyone else stay longer because of you)

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