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, | Unfiltered | December 21, 2017

My husband and I take our kids to an annual family holiday event at our town hall and decide to eat dinner at a nearby chain restaurant.

We go in and there are about 7 or 8 people waiting in the reservations area but save for the two couples sitting at tables the restaurant is otherwise completely vacant.

After waiting for about 10 minutes without seeing a single member of staff, my husband and I get into a conversation with the other group and find out they are all together and waiting on a few more people but they’ve been there since about 15 minutes before WE got there and haven’t seen anyone working either.

We all wait another 5 minutes and finally a very frazzled hostess comes out and flat out tells everyone that there’s going to be a 45 minute wait due to understaffing.

We politely inform her that our family is not with the others and we aren’t in a hurry and just want to be seated so we can relax. Likewise, the other group is still waiting for the rest of their party so they aren’t in a rush either but would like to sit down. The hostess still refuses to seat anyone and insists on a 45 minute wait.

Everyone just kind of looks at one another because the restaurant is dead with many open tables. We aren’t purposefully trying to be jerks but we don’t really understand why she can’t seat anyone since only two tables are occupied.

We try again to explain that no one minds waiting we just want to sit down at a table but she still won’t listen.

No one else has come in during all this and they don’t take reservations. It seems like she’s just trying to get us to leave so we do. There’s a restaurant across the street that my family heads towards and the other group decides to follow us. Everyone gets seated with no problem despite this restaurant being packed.

The other group and my family are seated near each other and we laugh and joke that the other restaurant is probably just getting rid of customers so they can close early for the night. However, we are seated near a window that faces the first restaurant so as we eat we can all clearly see the kitchen staff taking turns to come out into the now entirely empty dining room. They even come up to the windows to look outside.

After we eat, my family and I spend a few hours shopping and go back to our car. We pass the restaurant again and the staff are STILL wandering around an empty restaurant looking angry and confused at one assumes why they are still there when they have no customers.

I sincerely hope they DID get to go home early due to lack of customers because on our trip back to our car they still had four hours until regular closing time.