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(During a break, a coworker and I are talking about stuff like our wages.)

Coworker: ‘It’s really unfair! When I earn more, I have to pay more taxes! That’s MY money! I want to safe that for later!’

(Although I see her point, I’m more of the opinion that income tax is a fair thing, since poor people are unable to pay more. Also, our wages our very low, so what is she complaining about?)

Me: ‘Well, on the other hand, there have to be taxes. If not, who’s gonna make sure that a company gets paid to restore the pavement in your street? Who’s gonna pay the sewer workers? And of course there’s government employees, like the police.’

Coworker: ‘Pfff! The police is stupid. When my friend’s car was stolen, they didn’t do anything!’

Me: ‘Really?’

Coworker: ‘Yes, he never got his car back! It’s their job, so why didn’t it happen?’

Me: ‘Well, I guess, if the car is stolen, it’s not very easy to find it again. How should they do that?’

Coworker: ‘Well, there’s camera footage, isn’t there?’

Me: ‘So wait. Let’s assume that there would be camera’s on every street everywhere in the country… which isn’t the case. Then you would have an unimaginable amount of options where to look, since there are so many cameras and you don’t know where the car was at which moment. There are many, many cars in this country, right? The stolen car could be anywhere in the country, or even taken abroad already. Also, many cars get stolen, so they can’t go and put all their detectives on that. So, how do you suggest they should find it?’

Coworker: ‘Pff, it’s easy to find, it’s an oldtimer car! And they have camera footage, right?’

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