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(We keep seeing ads for a new unlimited data plan with our current phone service provider and decide to go into the store to see about switching over. Their competitor is doing a very similar plan, so we’re also thinking about possibly switching over to them. We walk into one of our current provider’s stores, which is practically empty except for one customer and two employees.)

Worker: can I help you?

Me: yeah, we keep hearing about this new unlimited data plan and would like to talk to someone about switching over to it.

Worker: are you current [provider] subscribers?

Me: yes, we are.

Worker: this plan is only for new subscribers only.

Me: oh, ok. We’ll go talk to [competitor] instead.

Worker: ok, bye.

(A bit flabbergasted that we were dismissed so easily, we walk to the competing store, which is so busy that we realized that we wouldn’t be able to get a quote before they close for the night. We eventually get a quote from them. They’re very nice and the price is almost exactly what we’re paying on our current plan, only with more benefits.

We decide to wait on switching at the moment because of some personal situations. A couple of weeks later, we walk past a different store for our current provider. When asked if they could help us, we relay the above situation and tell them that we’re probably going to switch to the competitor soon. They were appalled that we were dismissed so easily and wrote us up a quote and offered us some fantastic discounts on a new plan. We told them that we would have to think about it because of how we were treated before.)

Worker at new store: can you describe the guy you talked to before?

Husband: I can’t, but she probably could. She’s better at stuff like that than I am.

Me: erm –

Worker: did he have glasses?

Me: yes, he did.

(Every employee at the store exchanged a look that could only be described as “Oh. Him.”)

Worker: I’m so sorry about that. He’s… Interesting. You shouldn’t have been treated that way.