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I over hear a customer talking to one of my co-workers.

Co-worker “that will be $30.15 please”

Customer hands over $50 but still is feeling around in his pocket, the co-worker has entered the amount of money and the cash draw is open.

Customer “Oh, here’s the 15cents”

Co-worker “No I can’t take that, I already entered the money”

Customer “But it means all you have to give me is a 20 dolla…..”

Co-worker “I already worked out the change I can’t work that out too” *counts out $19.85 and hands it over.

Customer “but I don’t want all these coins, just let me have a $20”.

Co-worker “No” *slams the drawer shut “I don’t know whether that’s going to be right, I can’t work that out”.

The customer just stood there looking stunned at his change, looks over at me and shakes his head before leaving. I was just as stunned as this co-worker is at University studying to be a teacher, both of her parents are also teachers.