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So my boyfriend had to load money on his pre-paid credit card. He’s standing in line behind a group of non-English speakers trying to cash their paychecks.

Cashier: Please hand me your ID and the check.

Group: Hands over State ID and checks which have been signed.

Cashier: Is this a Passport?

Group: This is my ID.

Cashier: I’ll need help with this.

Lady in line behind my boyfriendf: I’ll let them use my ID if it will speed things up.

Cashier to another cashier: I think they’re trying to scam us, have you ever seen this before?

New Cashier: No I’ve never seen a Driver’s License like this before. It must be fake.

Cashier: I need to call a manager.

Lady in line: My husband is Mexican and he works really hard. I can’t believe you’d treat customers like this. It’s so disrespectful!

A manager comes up and processes the transaction: In the future just tell the cashier it’s a State ID.

Boyfriend: Are you kidding me?! (Facepalming!)

The group leaves and as my boyfriend comes us…

Manager: So that was a State Issued ID, it’s a legal form of ID. You can tell it’s an ID because it’s in Portrait layout. A Driver’s license is only in Portrait layout when a person is under 21. This helps spot minors trying to purchase alcohol or tobacco.

Cashiers: Oh, really?

Boyfriend: Can I load my card now?

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