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I am working Boxing Day and am just cashing out two young boys, 26, who are buying a set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet for one of their girlfriends

One of the guys starts bugging me for a discount and his friend says

“Dude we don’t want her to get fired.”

I ask the friend if he ever worked in retail and it turned out he did.

He still asked for a discount

When I said no they asked for the manager

Well they actually said “is the manager the fat one?”

While I’ll admit the manager isn’t Victoria Secret model skinny she isn’t overweight so I said “no, she isn’t fat.”

Guest: honey I’m fat so I know what fat looks like and she is fat

I decide to go into the back and pretend to look for my manager about a discount but really to tell her what is happening and get her to help me kick them out. Unfortunately she is on break but another employee agrees to pretend to be the manager.

We convince the boys to just pay the set price and once they leave we add a note to their account (if you shop at our store you get an account that’ll track your purchases warranty electronically so no need for recipes) that if they start asking for discounts again get security

Of course I had to tell my manager what happened and I felt awful telling her what the boys said about her body weight


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