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(My husband and I are doing Christmas shopping at a department store at which he used to work. He knows all of their sales speeches, credit card pitches and protection plan details by heart, even though he hasn’t worked for the company in years. Barring minor changes in the fine print, of course. We finish our shopping and head up to the register. The cashier doesn’t even greet us.)

Cashier: You wanna sign up for a credit card? You could get 5% back on-

Husband: Let me stop you there. I already have a store credit card, thanks.

(The cashier throws a brochure at us and jabs at it with one of her incredibly long, neon green acrylic nails)

Cashier: No, there’s two cards now. You don’t have them both.

Husband: What I had was the store’s original card, and a few months ago they mailed me an offer to switch it from the store brand to the Mastercard labeled card.

Cashier, rudely: They don’t do that.

Husband: Yes, they do. I worked for (company) for a while and I’ve had this card for years. I received the offer in the mail about 6mos ago and switched because it had a better interest rate. I don’t want to apply for a second card from here.

Cashier: They DON’T switch people! It’s one or the other!

Husband: Okay, well — I have some membership points in my account that I’d like to apply to this purchase.

(He holds out his phone with the correct QR code already displayed on the screen for her to scan.)

Cashier: We don’t DO that here.

Husband: …okay then.

(We stand there waiting, because she has got a hold of our receipts and seems unwilling to hand those over. We had to specifically ask for them before she’d let them go. At this point, I’m pissed. I don’t think my eyebrows could have climbed any higher on my face without disappearing into my hairline. As we turned to leave…)

Cashier: I ain’t never heard of no switching people to the Mastercard!