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This story was told to me by my slightly flustered brother.

My brother is entering the train station to take a train home after a long day of work. As he steps onto the platform, he sees the train is already there and about to depart. He starts running, but the train whistle sounds and all doors but one close. He sprints towards the open door and manages to get onto the train. Inside he finds two female conductors: a young woman and a middle aged woman.

Older conductor: (to the younger) If you keep doing this, no one will learn the rule that they shouldn’t try to get onto a train after the whistle has sounded.

Younger conductor: Yes, I know, but I just couldn’t bear to close the door in his handsome face.

Older conductor: *looking my brother up and down* Yeah, I can understand that.

Brother: *turns a bright shade of red and shuffles off to find a seat*

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