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I work in the housekeeping of a luxury hotel and at the time we are housing a famous athlete, who’s room happens to be in the corridor I clean in. We offer a laundry service within the hotel that the guest has to call and arrange for.

Booming man voice, to no one in particular: “WHY WASN’T MY LAUNDRY TAKEN????”

I come out of the room I was cleaning to see the famous athlete standing in his doorway.

Me: “How can I help sir?”
Famous athlete: “Why wasn’t my laundry taken this morning?!”
Me: “Sir did you call the operator before you left your room this morning?”
Famous athlete: “ITS THE 9 O CLOCK LAUNDRY SERVICE!!!!”
Me: “I’ll find out what’s happened for you sir…”

I go back into the room I was cleaning and call down to my department’s office.

Me: “The guest in room [room number] wants to know why his laundry wasn’t taken this morning… he seems uh, rather upset”

Five minutes later I hear the laundry service knock on his door… Apparently he had not read the big bold instructions at the very top of the laundry form that states you must call the operator before 9am to have your laundry picked up.

For some reason he assumed the hotel would know he had laundry that needed to be taken on that day?

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