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Saleswoman: “So are you thinking that’s the guitar you want?”

Me: “Yeah, I believe so.”

Saleswoman: “Very good choice. Is this your first guitar bought from us?”

Me: “The first *guitar* I’ve bought from you, yes.”

Saleswoman: “Okay, well we give free string changes and setups for the life of the instrument on every guitar we sell here, and since this guitar has a floating bridge, you’ll have to reset the intonation with every string change. I’d imagine you know how to change your own strings but given the added complexity on this particular model, this policy of ours can come in handy.”

Me: “That actually sounds like a pretty good idea; I’ll be sure to make use of that.”

(Over the course of the next three years, I have that store do all but one of my string changes on said guitar–at least 7-8 times per year. That specific saleswoman did the string change herself maybe twice; it was nearly always a different salesperson who took care of it for me. Those exchanges went like this every time:)

Me: “I need the strings on my guitar changed.”

Salesperson: “Did you buy it from us?”

Me: “Yup.”

Salesperson: *gets my name, looks me up in the system* “Okay, there you are. Great. I’ll have this ready for you and give you a call in [estimated time].”

(After three years I moved out of the city, which made it harder to make a trip to that store for string changes. After a little more than a year, I finally get fed up enough with the dead strings that I set time aside to head in. I walk up and set the case on the counter and speak with a salesman.)

Me: “Hi there, just need the strings changed on my guitar. It’s one I purchased from you guys.”

Salesman #1: *gives an odd look to the “I bought it from you” comment but he proceeds. “Okay, so string change on a normal six string, that will come to $[amount]–you want to take care of that now or when you pick it up?”

Me: “Uh, no. I bought the guitar from you. String changes should be free.”

Salesman #1: “Why would they be free if you bought it from us?”

Me: “Isn’t that the deal with any guitars you sell here? Free setups and string changes for the life of the instrument?”

(He claims ignorance and calls over another salesman which he regards with some level of authority and explains the situation. I recognize neither of these guys, by the way, and I’d been a customer there for at least 8 years by this point–not having been there for a year prior to this notwithstanding).

Salesman #2: “I’ve been here for almost three years and I’ve never heard of that policy.”

Me: “I bought this guitar four years ago from here, the saleswoman who sold it to me told me that was part of the deal, and that’s what’s been done without question since.”

Salesman #2: (gets my name, looks me up in the system) “Oh, well it was [Saleswoman] who sold this to you, I’m seeing.”

Me: “That’s correct.”

Salesman #2: “I don’t see any notes or anything here about free string changes.”

Me: “Would there need to be if it’s a store-wide policy?”

Salesman #2: “That must have been some promotion she was doing for her customers, but she hasn’t worked here in almost two years now, so since she’s gone any promotions she gave out would be void.”

Me: “It was not a personal promotion. It was explained to me to be a store-wide policy.”

Salesman #2: “Like I said, I’ve been here for years and I’ve never heard of that before. It must have been her thing. I guess we can do the strings for you this one time as a courtesy but we won’t be able to do it again.”

Me: *fuming* “Fine.”

(Of course I’ve never been back, and the several hundred dollars in equipment purchases I’ve made since have been through other stores.)

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