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(I work at a restaurant that does catering deliveries for offices, schools, parties, etc. and when we set the deliveries up by putting all of the required utensils, plates, etc. in the box, we get just enough plates in the box, so if there’s a delivery for 20 people, we give them 20 plates – if they request more on the paper, we give them extra.)

Customer: Is this enough plates for the delivery? I ordered for 10 people. *counts the plates which is a result of 10*

Me: (knowing I counted the plates before I left, so I was entertained by her counting to ten and she complains anyways – customers can be full of crap sometimes) Well, on my paper, it says 10 people so we got enough plates for that amount.

Customer: I still don’t think this’ll be enough.

Me: *face palm* Well, I’m sorry, but that’s how much they gave us.

Customer: It’s OK, don’t worry. *calls somebody on her phone saying that they only have 10 plates which apparently isn’t enough for 10 people and asking them to bring more*

My manager laughed his ass off when I told him what happened. I’ve dealt with rude customers, but never had I had to deal with ignorant customers. It’s hilarious.

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