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(My sister and I had attended an event at an all-boys high school that a couple of our cousins went to. Our aunt and uncle gave us a ride to a restaurant and hotel that is owned by our grandmother and her brothers. We were going to wait in the lobby of the hotel for the next train, which would not arrive at the station across the street for another thirty minutes. There were often wedding parties hosted there, and on that day there were people from two different weddings taking pictures in the lobby. My sister and I had a few bags with us, so we were sitting on a couch in an area in the lobby that the guests had not entered yet. Suddenly a group of about ten people come into the area carrying bags. One woman turns to my sister and I sitting on the couch and glares.)

Woman: “rudely” Are you a part of the wedding party?

Me: Oh, do you need these seats?

Woman: “rudely” Yes, can you leave?

(I was appalled at her attitude, but I didn’t say anything, so my sister and I gathered our bags and left to go to the train station early. I learned later that this woman was not a family member or friend, but the photographer for the wedding party. She had absolutely no right to demand that my sister and I leave our seats in a very public area, but at the time I was just focused on getting my sister and myself home and did not think the other guests would support me.)

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