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(I’m an Explorer with my County’s Sheriff’s Office, an explorer is a youth volunteer, I’m 16, and one of the things we do is work community relations at festivals and such but we are in no way security or traffic/crowd control, keep in mind I am wearing a bright blue shirt and tan pants so I look nothing like a cop or one of the park rangers. This happens as I’m walking around handing out badge stickers to little kids)
Vendor: (to me) Hey Officer the vendors are in this section are closing, could you have some of your guys block it off for us
Me: I’m sorry ma’am but I’m not an officer, and no you’d have to ask the park rangers to do that I believe
Vendor: What do you mean your not an officer, your wearing a uniform! It says it right there*point at the patch* Sheriffs Office, now do your job and help me!
Me: Ma’am I’m not an officer, i’m a civilian volunteer, I’m sorry but I can’t help you
Vendor: Bulls**t, I want your badge number! I’m going to report you for not doing your job!
Me: Ma’am, once again I’m am not an officer, I don’t have a badge number, if you need help I’ll go find a park ranger for you ok?
Vendor:(getting angry) Just do your damn job already! This is why no one likes you guys you know!
(At this point a sheriff’s officer that runs the program comes over)
Officer: Ma’am, why are you yelling at him
Vendor: because he’s saying he’s not an officer and he won’t help me
Officer: Ma’am he’s not an officer, he has no gun or badge, and his unifom looking nothing like ours ok
Vendor: That’s bulls**t, I want your badge number to!
(Lucky for me the officer tells me to leave and He deals with the crazy vendor, I found out later that she never seems to have filled a complaint but that she still never understood what I was)

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