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(I am a college student and have been providing in-home health care for my grandma with mild dementia and a terminal illness on my off days. She sleeps for the most part, though I routinely check in on her and administer meds twice per day, and she has a button that rings a bell if she wakes up and needs me. The following is an example of exchanges that happen at least once per day:)

ME: (after giving her the night’s meds and feeding her some applesauce since she hasn’t eaten all day due to sleeping) Are you feeling hungry at all?

GRANDMA: No. I’m just tired. I think I’ll sleep a bit longer.

ME: Ok. I’ll let you rest then. You know how it goes, just push your button if you need me and I’ll come a-runnin’.

(I go to the kitchen to put the spoon in the sink and toss the applesauce cup, then document the snack and that she’s been asleep all day. The bell rings not even a minute after I’ve left the room)

ME: (back into the room, in a chipper voice) What can I do for you, (Grandma)?

GRANDMA: What time is supper around here?

ME: (realizing she thinks she’s in a care facility) I can make you something now if you’d like. Are you hungry?

GRANDMA: No. I think I’m just tired.

ME: Okay. I’ll let you rest some more. You can ring your bell if you need anything, ok?

GRANDMA: Ok. I’m just going to sleep.

(I go and work on some homework, and five minutes after I leave the room the bell rings again)

GRANDMA: I think it’s time I ate something.

ME: *internally facepalming, but externally maintaining the calm, serene facade*