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[I am a Pharmacy Tech working for a pharmacy inside a retail store. Our lunch is normally 1:00 – 1:30, and the pharmacy is closed and locked during that half hour. I am up at the checkouts, buying a drink to go with my lunch, when the following occurs:]

Store Manager: [My Name], is this customer’s prescription ready? (he is standing with an impatient looking woman on her phone)
Me: Oh, I’m sorry [Manager], we’re on lunch right now.
Store Manager: Ah. (turning to customer) I’m sorry ma’am, their on lunch. They’ll be back by 1:30 if you’d like to wait.
Customer: But I called my prescription in at 11:00!
Me: Yes ma’am, but the pharmacy is locked. I can’t–
Customer: Unlock it!
Me: E-excuse me?
Customer: Unlock it! I know you have the keys. Unlock it and give me my prescription! I need it!
Me: (confused) Ma’am, I don’t have the keys to the pharmacy, only [Pharmacist] has them.
Customer: (to Manager) I know she’s got the keys. She’s lying to me! I’ve seen her use the keys before?

[Let it be known that I’ve never had keys to the pharmacy. If I leave, I have to knock on the door to be let back in.]

Me: I’m very sorry, but I don’t have keys. (Edging towards break room) I’ll be more than happy to help you at 1:30, or we keep your prescription for 7 days.
Customer: No! I’m in a hurry, I need my prescription now!
Me: (to Manager) I’m sorry, i have to go. I’m sorry, ma’am.

(Cut to 1:30, when the pharmacist and I are walking together back to the pharmacy. The customer has decided to wait, despite being in a hurry. she is the first one in line when we unlock the pharmacy and open the windows)

Me: Hello, ma’am. What’s your last name?
Customer: (to Pharmacist) Your little assistant is a liar. She refused to help me earlier.
Pharmacist: (confused) I’m sorry? What’s the problem?
Customer: I needed my prescription at 1:00, and she wouldn’t give it to me! She wouldn’t unlock the pharmacy!
Pharmacist: Well, she couldn’t. She doesn’t have a key.
Customer: I KNOW she has a key! I’ve seen her use them before!
Pharmacist: (laughing) Ma’am? She DOES NOT have one. I know this for sure.
Customer: How are you so certain? I’ve seen her with a key!
Pharmacist: It’s against federal law for her to have one, and the only one who could have given her one is me!

[To our surprise, she continued to insist that despite it being against the law, I had a key and just refused to help her. She even tried to make it a race issue at one point and brought it back up to the Store Manager, who laughed it off as well. Even though I don’t work there anymore, it still remains a funny story we retell when talking about the ‘retail crazies’.]