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| Unfiltered | December 13, 2017

That’s not how that works

Our science class is not the brightest. Especially since our town does not teach sex Ed until the very end of eighth grade (it is the very beginning) we are discussing how new matter does not just apear and how it cannot be made. Our school is over run by popular students who probably no longer need sex Ed. One of them is sitting in this class with me.

Teacher: matter cannot be made

Male Student: *yells loudly* THEN HOW ARE BABYS MADE?

Teacher: do I need to explain this? To you?

Male Student: yes you do

Teacher: well…*explains the miracle of life*

Male student: then how do lesbians get pregnant?

Teacher: *taken aback* excuse me

Other male student: dude you’re a f****** idiot, they use synthetic sperm. Someone makes it in a factory

Me: dude, that’s not how it works

Teacher: I can assure you of that one

We all proceeded to luagh and giggle as the girl sitting next to him explained what a doner was