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| Unfiltered | December 10, 2017

I work at a company that sells medical equipment. The moment my boss went on maternity leave, the department was restructured and her job eliminated, a common work-around employers use in the UK to circumvent maternity rights. That restructuring has been catastrophic for the office, and people are leaving left, right and centre — not that management have noticed any change but the savings. Many suspect they’re just trying to constructively dismiss the old guard on FT contracts and replace us with zero-hours workers, a process which has already begun.

I’m at the reception desk one day — this is not my job, but my team has gone from 5 to 2 people in a few weeks, and someone has to do it — when a few colleagues come through.

[HR worker]: Hi [name].
Me: Hey, you alright?
[HR]: Yeah. Still here, are you?
Me: Yes?
[HR]: Well, look at that. I honestly didn’t know you were still here.
Me: *speechless*
[HR]: Ah well. Determined to be the last man standing, are you?
Me: *resolving to use company time to review my job applications the moment his back is turned* …not exactly, no.