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| Unfiltered | December 10, 2017

(I am being served at the till and the cashier is putting my things through when I realise the time and I stand still.)

Cashier: That will be £[amount], miss. (when I don’t say anything) Miss? (to herself, but loud enough for me to hear) Bloody rude bitch. (some seconds later) Excuse me, you’re holding up the line. (She leans near me and snaps her fingers quite rudely) Self-entitled whore. (to the next customer) Some people, eh? Just looking at their phones and not paying attention to anything around them. Come through, let me pay you. I’m refunding her shopping.

(The customer comes past me, a little confused. I see him look at me, seemingly concerned in case I’m sick or something. Then I snap out of it.)

Me: Can I pay now, please?

Cashier: (snottily) Er, no! You should have listened to me when I said so. Now you’re going to have to pay in another queue, since I refunded your transaction. (smiles nastily) have a nice day.

Me: It’s Armistice Day. I was honouring our fallen dead with the two minute silence. But that doesn’t matter since I’m never coming here again.

(I file a complaint. I have never been back.)

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