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(I’m an assistant manager at a very large game store retailer. Im alone on a Monday morning and awaiting our shipment of product for the day to process and put out on the floor.)

A woman comes in and hands me a package. I look at it before I sign for it and notice it has a name I don’t recognize but the store’s address. We ship stuff out to customers across the country so I thought it might have been someone trying to return something. I sign for the package.

I open it, since the boxes haven’t showed up yet this is the only package I have. After I open it I notice someone paid $20 overnight shipping for it. I dump out the envelope (package) and a smaller, opened, white envelope falls out. I look in the smaller envelope and notice it’s a small package of peanut butter. Confused I put everything back and toss it on the counter and wait for my manager to see if he knows why the heck someone sent us peanut butter.

Manager walks in and I show him what it was.
HIM: That’s weird. Maybe it’s for (protein store) next door?
ME: Maybe. I’ll ask on my break.
End of convo.

A couple hours later a man walks in.
MAN: Did someone drop off a package for (says name really close to the name on the package but not quite)
MANAGER: You mean (says name correctly)
MAN: Yeah sure whatever.
Manager hands over package. I’m finishing up with a customer and I walk over.
MAN: Why the h— is it open?
ME: It has our store address on it.
MAN: (looks in package) Are you serious?! Is your name (says my name)?
ME: Yeah..
MAN: Give it back.
ME: Give what back?
The man starts freaking out and yelling and there’s a line of people forming again. My manager tends to the customers while I take the man to the side of the store to try and calm him down and tell him the situation. He then accuses me of stealing money out of the envelope and replacing it with peanut butter.
ME: (trying not to smile or laugh) are you serious? I was on camera the WHOLE TIME, I didnt steal anything.
HIM: Show me the footage then!
ME: Okay. I’ll go put it on my phone. I cant let you in the back. Just stay here.

So I go and put the footage on my phone and show him.

HIM:The envelope looks thicker. I’m calling the police! Give it back!
By this point I’m frustrated. This is the start of my week. Tears start to form in my eyes from anger and frustration.
ME: Okay. Call them.
At this point I go in the back and call my boyfriend so he can calm me down over the phone while the police come.

Finally the cops show up and I take them to the back. I tell them the situation and the cops even try not to laugh. They’re just as dumb founded as me. The male cop is trying to make sense of the situation and the female cop is just standing there with a smile and shaking her head.

They see the footage and obviously I didn’t steal anything. The man goes outside to talk to the police and never comes back inside. The male cop comes back in.
MALE COP: Do you know what’s going on? He won’t tell me anything.
ME: Just what I told you.
MALE COP: (laughs) Okay well here’s my card with the case number. I don’t know what to do here. Call me if that guy comes back.

(Certifiably the weirdest day at my job so far.)