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, | Unfiltered | December 9, 2017

Set the scene: 6:10pm and I order a sandwich from [sandwich delivery place]. Normally, I get my food within 15-25 minutes. It’s a small location with only one driver. By 6:50pm, I call in to see where my order is.

Me: My name is [my name] and I was calling to see where my order’s at?
Rep: Is that the order for [my address]? That’s out with the driver and should be there shortly.
Me: Sweet, thanks.

Cut to 7:15pm. I still don’t have any food. So I call the shop again.

Me: Hello, this is [my name] again. Just calling to see where my order is?
Same Rep: Yeah, that’s still with the driver. He had like 9 other deliveries to get to. He should be there shortly.
Me: Are you sure? That’s the same thing you told me 20 minutes ago.
Rep: Yep. It should be there shortly.

Finally, at 7:30 my food arrives. Almost an hour and a half after I ordered it. No apologies from the driver, nothing. Incensed, I got online and sent a message to corporate. The next day, I was contacted by the owner of that location. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with an issue, The owner said that this would be taken as an “educational opportunity for the evening shift” and sent me a gift card worth a couple free sandwiches.