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(Our seventh-grade science class is learning about genetics and heredity. The teacher has us make bracelets based on what traits we have, dimples, cleft chin, widow’s peak, etc. There are three people of note in this story. Me, a short, chubby blonde, and a pair of identical twins, [Twin #1] and [Twin #2]. They are both very tall for their age, are very skinny, and have short black hair. We are looking around the room to see if there are any of our ‘twins’ around the classroom. I have just compared bracelets with [Twin #2].)

Twin #2: “Oh my god! We match! [Teacher], look, my twin!”

Me: *laughing* “Looks like I’m more of your twin than your actual twin! Look, the bracelets don’t match!”

Teacher: *also laughing* “Well, looks like you have a new twin, [Twin #2]!”

Me: “Ready and willing to fill the position!”

(At the end of the school day, we said “Bye twin!” to each other. I guess I have a twin now.)

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