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I work for a law office as the receptionist. When it gets busy, I tend to jot names down so I can go back to type information in under each client’s notes. There are times I have to go back through the client names to confirm I’ve written full notes in. As I’m going through the list one day, I notice an A&A Floors. For the life of me, I can’t figure out which client this is and why I’ve written it down. I even look it up with the intent call them to make sure the lawyer hasn’t contacted them concerning our floors. There isn’t an A&A Floors in our location, so I ask the lawyer and my coworkers about it. They don’t know a thing about it, either. I have given up on figuring out who that is when my coworker takes a look at my list and points out, “It says A&A Flores. I think you mean the twins.” Apparently I had shortened their name in my rush to answer phone calls, and couldn’t even read my own writing well enough to make the name out.

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