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*At the movie theatre where I work, we are very strict on the age ratings for films; if we are caught letting an underage person in to watch a film that is too old for them, we would get shut down and fined. Most guests dislike this policy, but we’re encouraged to stand firm.*

Guest: Hi, I’m picking up some tickets for Spy.

*This movie is a 15 certificate, and to pick up tickets you need a the payment card, the reservation number or some form of ID*

Me: Sure, do you have the card you paid with?

Guest: No.

Me: Okay, what about the e-mail with the reservation number?

Guest: No.

Me: …Okay, do you have some form of ID? That matches the name used to book the tickets?

Guest: My daughter booked them, I have her passport.

Me: *figuring no-one steals a passport just for movie tickets* Okay!

*I start looking up the reservation with the name. Then I look at the passport in front of me*

Me: Excuse me, how old is your daughter?

Guest: Uh… fifteen!

Me: *looking at her passport*

Guest: Well, she’s fifteen next week.

Me: …Her passport says she is 15 next January. We can’t allow her to see this film, but we will refund the tickets and you can see something else?

Guest: *irritated* Fine!

*I call down my supervisor and the guest says she needs to talk to her daughter, who was meeting her there. She has the tickets in her hand, ready to be refunded by my supervisor*

*After twenty minutes, we can’t find her anywhere. I’ve served other guests, and my supervisor says he saw some guests go in rather quickly to the screens. I decide to go and check the screen where, lo and behold, the guest is sat, ready to watch the 15 Certificate film, with her mother*

Me: Excuse me, were you the guest who was waiting for a refund?

Guest: Uh…

Me: Are you [name on passport]?

Daughter: Yes?

Me: You can’t be in here. You’re not old enough.

*They threw a fit, and eventually slunk out when I told them – repeatedly – it was against the law. EVERYONE in the theatre was staring, and they were very embarrassed. I’ve worked there for a year and no-one over the age of about 12 has ever actually snuck into a screen before!*

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