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, | Unfiltered | December 4, 2017

(I’m quite new as a cashier, and a self important man dressed in leather and wearing lots of gold jewelry like one of those rock stars walks up to me. He obvioisly thinks he looks great, but in my opinion he looks silly. His son is about six.)

Father: “Now, son, give your toy to the lady.”

(He does, and I ring it up.)

Me: “Thatll be $9.99.”

Father: *smugly* “Give her your allowance money.”

(The son gives me a hundred dollar bill. Sighing, I count out his change, making sure that I do it carefully, since it’s a big amount. The son takes it and puts it in his pocket along with his toy.)

Father: *sharply* “Wait!”

(The father accuses me of short hanging his son while the son watches. Long story short, my drawer is short by twenty because of this father of the year. Really, dad? What’s next, showing your kid grand theft auto?