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It’s approaching the end of my senior year. I’ve been cleaning out my room at home, and I gather up some things I don’t need anymore and take them to my high school.

Teacher: Oh, this is nice. *He picks up a kitchen tool I bought on impulse once at a garage sale* You don’t need this? It’s in great condition.

Me: I thought I’d use it, but I haven’t, and I don’t really plan to use it anytime soon. It’s just been taking up space. I figured someone else could use it, so that’s why I brought it here. Did you want it?

Teacher: This can be really useful. You should hang onto it.

Me: Maybe. But not for me. I don’t have any use for it. You can have it, if you want it.

Teacher: You should really hold onto it. It could come in handy. I’m just going to leave this here, so you can keep it.

He walks off, but a few feet later, he looks back with a smile and frowns when he sees my exasperated look.

I took that item, along with a few other things, to a business in the United States that takes donations for charity. Thirteen years later, I haven’t missed it or needed it.

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