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I have recently discovered that I am pregnant. My husband and I are thrilled, but also very nervous, as we’ve heard first pregnancies can often result in miscarriages. About a week after finding out, I begin to experience some cramping. The doctors tell me that this can be normal, but when I start bleeding a few days later, they tell me to go to the ER. At this point, The bleeding Has become extremely heavy and I am in the worst pain of my life. Finally, a nurse practitioner I haven’t met yet, comes in with my test results.
NP – You’re not pregnant
Me – you mean I miscarried?
NP – I don’t know if you miscarried, but your tests show levels too low to be pregnant. So you’re not pregnant. This is probably just your period.
Me – No, I had 4 positive pregnancy tests and my doctor confirmed I was pregnant through their own test. My period is 18 days late at this point and I have never had bleeding and cramping like this. Your coworker who did the exam confirmed that I was most likely miscarrying and that I needed an ultrasound.
NP – We’ll, I don’t know about any of that. I canceled the ultrasound because we only do those when you’re pregnant, and your tests show that you’re not. You can leave now.

She then walks out of the room, leaving me confused and in tears. I’m also confused about how I am to leave, as I am still hooked up to an IV and machines. Finally, a nurse who checked in was able to unhook me. My own doctors ordered an ultrasound at a different hospital, and discovered that the pregnancy had been ectopic, which caused the hormone levels to drop prior to the actual miscarriage. Miscarrying was terrible, but that NP’s attitude made it all the worse.

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