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(About 15 years ago I went to a candy store with my then-girlfriend. They were playing music in the store that confused me. It would take far too long to explain why, so just know that I was baffled by what I was hearing.)

Me: *noticing music* *to myself* “What the? Why does it sound so weird?”

(The song ends and then another one begins–the same confusing elements are there.)

Me: *to myself again* “What in the world?” *I emote my confusion in an animated manor*

(In the course of about 2 seconds, I look at my girlfriend to see if she’s hearing it, too, but she’s focused on her candy. Then I lock eyes with another girl in the store who is staring right back at me and smiling. I translate her expression and demeanor to mean that she hears what I’m hearing.)

Me: *to girl* “Are you hearing this? It’s like it’s the songs but it’s not the songs, I don’t know what this is about . . .”

Girl: *without breaking her gaze or her smile, she replied evenly and calmly* “Candy’s just exciting, I guess. We’ve all got to get excited about candy.” *she turns and walks to the front of the store to the register*

(I’m now double confused. I look to my girlfriend again but she’s still focused on her candy. By this point the girl is gone and so is any chance of me ever figuring out what she thought I was saying and why she seemed so confident about it.)

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