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| Unfiltered | November 29, 2017

I started taking evening classes in September, which requires me to take three buses a day twice a week. I just got off the first bus, bought myself lunch and went on to wait for my second bus. While all this is happening, I am in the middle of a roleplay with a friend of mine, and I’m trying to quote a song from one of my favorite musicals from memory. The song is also the one currently playing on my phone, just in case I’ll forget the lyrics midway.

As I’m trying to remember the song, the woman sitting to my right started talking. I have no idea who she’s talking to, so I turn to see who she’s talking to (probably herself), and go back to my roleplay. In the middle of quoting the song, I get stuck, so I put on my headphones – probably something I should’ve done when I got there – and play my song to remind myself how it goes. And she keeps talking. I still have no idea who she’s talking to, she doesn’t look at anyone and I’m very clearly getting uncomfortable.

After finishing with the song and sending the text message, I open up some videos so I won’t be bored as I’m waiting for my bus, when I hear the same woman say “you’re such a nice girl!” I kept watching my video when she keeps saying “that girl to my left, you’re such a nice girl!” In the meanest way possible. Now, I don’t know this woman. And she doesn’t know me. And it should be noted that I am dealing with anxiety as part of another mental disorder. So she keeps verbally chastising me, as if I did something to her. So I asked her what the heck is going on, though it was more like “what… what do you want from… what…”, and I took my stuff and left. After leaving I put on my headphones again and went back to talking to my friend, wanting to tell her about what happened.

And I could hear this woman talking trash about me to another person. Again, I have no idea who these people are and I’m freaking out inside.

I felt guilty for the whole day, even after telling both my parents, all my friends and my younger sister and being assured, by most of them (my sister tried to lecture me), that this is freaky and this woman is the one who isn’t okay. And I know, I might’ve been the rude one, but I did nothing to hurt her. I just didn’t want to talk.

Moral of the day, folks. If someone seems busy, uninterested, uncomfortable, or just if they have headphones on, they might not want to talk to you. This gives you no right to chastise people like that.

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