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(My aunt and uncle live nearby, once in a while they treat me to dinner because I’m a broke college student. My aunt happens to sell a rather expensive piece of her art, we go out to celebrate at 5 star restaurant in town where dishes start at $40. Everything seemed fine up until after we ordered, we were sat quickly and given drinks quickly but it all went downhill from there. Nearly 40 minutes passed without seeing our waiter or food, my uncle goes to the host stand. She flagged down our waiter back to our table.)

Waiter: “I’m so sorry, I forgot to put your order in!”
My uncle: “Oh…well-”
Waiter: “I’ll go put it in right now!”
(We all figure it’ll go up from here and decide to stick it out, but after 45 minutes we flag our waiter down again.)
Waiter: “Oh did you want to look at the dessert menu or would you like me to bring you the check?”
My aunt: “Uh we never even go our food!”
My uncle: “We’re done, we’re leaving.”
Waiter: “No don’t leave I’ll put your order in now!”

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