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When I was still living with my parents, I helped them put on a yard sale. Most of the morning went without problem and we were pretty busy.
Around noon, a dumpy old car pulls up. The lady that stepped out was one of those “the world revolves around me” types. Very fake tan, way to much make up, Venti latte in hand and very over the top loud clothes.
I’m sitting in front of my house in the shade, and she stomps right up to me, shoving other shoppers out of the way. She grabbed a box near me, dumped out its contents, and shoved it into my arms.
“Follow me around and keep track of what I take.”
I’m a really quiet person so I just stand and start following her. The box is very large, maybe 2 feet long, wide and tall. She starts tossing junk into the box and I’m frantically trying to keep track of what she’s getting. This goes on for ten minutes. After she fills two large boxes, she whirls around to me.
“I’ll give you $5 for all this junk”
I was a little surprised so I said,
“Ma’am, I kept track like you asked me too, and the total is closer to $30. And I’m rounding down.”
She tried to haggle with me for awhile, but eventually she stomped off to her car to loudly demand money from her driver. She stomps back to me and shoves the money in my face. As she’s doing so, she looks at my necklace and says,
“Darling I love your necklace,”
She then reached for it and tried to take it off my neck. Naturally I backed away confused. And she said,
“Darling, I said I love your necklace. That means I want it.”
She tried again to snatch it. When I backed away again, she started trying to bribe me, but it was my favorite necklace, so that wasn’t going to happen. After a while she gave up and I helped her put her boxes in her car. As soon as she got in the car starts to drive away, she rolls down her window and made eye contact with me. I thought she was going to say thank you or goodbye, but no. She tossed her half full latte out the window into my driveway. It splattered everywhere and they drove away.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, when I went to count the money she had shoved at me, it was only $20 and not the $30 I had asked for.

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