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(I look white, but am actually mixed race – Spanish and German. I don’t speak Spanish very well, but I understand it. I’m working with another Spanish coworker when a group of guys walk in, talking in Spanish.)

Coworker 1: *in Spanish* Hey! I’ll be with you guys in just a minute. *in English, to me* I’ve got these guys, they can be kind of rude.

Me: Sounds good to me!

Coworker 1: *in Spanish* Come on over, guys! What can I help you with today?

(They want to withdraw some cash, so he starts typing away.)

Customer 1: *in Spanish* Check out THIS over here! *gestures to me*

(They start laughing and discussing amongst themselves what they’d do to me. Coworker 1 is shaking his head and glancing over at me. I get called to the drive-thru to help a new teller with a transaction. As soon as I walk away, Coworker 1 reaches into my work area for a pen.)

Me: *in Spanish* [His Name]! Don’t touch!!

(He drops the pen and starts laughing. The customers stop and stare.)

Customer 2: *in Spanish* I think she understands what we’re saying.

Me: *in English* I understood every word.

(The color drains out of their faces. They collect their cash and exit quickly.)

Coworker 1: I was waiting for you to do that!

Me: Is that why you took my pen?

Coworker 1: Latina mode in 0-100, my friend!

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