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I have noticed a small bald spot at the top of my hairline, concerned I make an appointment with a dermatologist to get it looked at.
Nurse: Ok what seems to be the problem
Me: I noticed I have a small bald spot on my head and was concerned about it.
Nurse: (looks at the spot) Oh that doesn’t look to bad, don’t worry about it hon. I’ll have the doctor come in and help you.
Me: Ok thank you
I then wait about half an hour on the exam table and the doctor finally comes in to the room. He sits down in a chair without acknowledging me and reads my chart. He then stands up and leaves the room. About 5 minutes later he comes back in and walks towards me without speaking. I see a large syringe in his hand. He reaches up to my head with the syringe and is about to inject me when I back away from him.
Me: Ok, wait, what are you doing, what’s the syringe for
Doctor: I need to give you an injection
Me: Ok why, what’s the problem
Doctor: You have a spot of alopecia, this will help it
Me: Ok what is in the syringe
Doctor: Steroids, it’s fine
The doctor then proceeds to grab my head and inject the area with the huge syringe. He disposes of it, takes off his gloves and leaves the room giving me no information about the condition, what caused it or if it would go away. I left there pretty angry and worried. Thank god for the internet because I was able to do enough research on it to not freak out. It cleared up and hasn’t been a problem since but jesus christ, talk to your patients before stabbing them in the head with a needle

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