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, | Unfiltered | November 24, 2017

I had been getting flu like symptoms for a week or so every month for about a year and finally made myself an appointment to see the doctor. I had to switch primary care physician’s for insurance reasons. This is my first appointment with a new doctor. (when I go to see him, I also happen to have some mild allergy symptoms including a stuffy nose which I am used to)
Doctor: So what can we do for you today?
Me: Well for the past year or so I have been getting flu like symptoms about a week out of each month (my voice is sort of muffled and you can tell I have a stuffy nose.”
Doctor: Seems like you have a cold there
Me: No it’s just allergies, always like this this time of year
Doctor: There’s really not much I can do for a cold, I can prescribe you some antihistamines
Me: I’m fine thanks I already take them, this is just normal allergies
Doctor: You know with your asthma allergies can worsen your breathing
Me: Yeah I know, that’s why I am on three medications for it. Anyway for like a week each month I get a mild fever and body aches sometimes headaches this has been going on for a year
Doctor: I am going prescribe you a Zpac just in case so your cold doesn’t get worse. (Writes out a prescription)
Me: No that’s ok, like I said, this is allergies, I am not here for that.
Doctor: Here you go (hands me prescription) Come back in a week if you’re not better (leaves the room)
Needless to say I left angry and never went back to that practice. Oh and it turns out I had lyme disease