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I work as Tech Support for a well known UK based electronics company.
One fairly normal day, toward the end of my shift, I recieved a call from a customer who was having difficulty with a smart TV, customer wasn’t able to watch catch-up TV (which requires a terrestrial signal and internet connection)
After doing a factory reset with the customer, I was talking her through setting it back up again.
We got her connected back to her WiFi again after several attempts during the setup process.
Then came the re-tuning portion of her TV…

Me: What device do you use to recieve channels?
Customer: Shouldn’t you know that?, you’re the techie.
Me: We rely on our customers to be our eyes and ears for this sort of thing, I have no way of knowing what you have connected to your TV.
Customer: Well, it’s an aerial
Me: Is that Aerial direct into the TV or through another device?
Customer: Straight into TV.
*Talks customer through tuning process, scanning for TV channels, standard proceedure we’ve all done a hundred times*
Customer: It says “No channels found”.
Me: Ok, let’s try something a little different then, Select source type and set it to “Antenna” and the signal type to “Digital Only”
*Retuned again*
Customer: It still says no signal, you sure you know what you’re doing?
Me: We’re tuning for terrestrial channels broadcast by your local transmitter, i’ve done this plenty of times.
Customer: Not being funny mate, but I’d like to speak to someone else…
*customer terminates call*

Recieved a heads up from a manager the next day, the same customer had called back to complain about me, manager advised customer we rely on them to tell us what’s happening as we can’t see them.
Customer told manager they had paid for someone private to come out and fix the TV, he had switched the source to HDMI 1 to a top-box the customer was using as their primary channel source…

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