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(I am the customer in this story. My bus arrives and I have my pass in hand, but only then realise I bought a return ticket that morning. I get out my purse, where it should be, but can’t find it. The following is the conversation I have with the bus driver after placing my pass on the reader:)

Me: “[Street Name], please.” *sighs* “I bought a return this morning but now I can’t find it.”

Bus Driver: “Oh dear… you’re also already on [Street Name], so I can’t sell you a ticket to there!”

Me: “Ugh, sorry, [destination name] please.”

Bus Driver: “There you go.” *I begin to walk away* “Don’t forget your card!”

Me: I’ll forget to get off next!”

(Thankfully I didn’t… that would have been a long, expensive and potentially impossible journey home!)

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