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Last year, I was a student in a nursing school. For my first internship, they sent me in a hospital in the reabilitation section.
That place was downright horrible. The nurses there obviously didn’t want to train us, they just saw us interns as unpaid staff. Even though we started to study nursing only two months before, they gave us the most difficult patients, had little patience with us anytime we needed help, and even though they told us many time “do not hesitate to ask questions !”, each time I did, I was given a sour look and answered like I was an idiot. A teacher came to see us twice, and both times they gave us the most difficult patients they had: first I got a cranky delirious person who couldn’t be moved easily, then I got a mean old lady who was known to be very difficult. They made us work overtime nearly everyday.
But one particular event took the cake: the mean lady had to be cleaned entirely because she was incontinent. They sent us interns to clean her up, while she was yelling at us as if it was our fault. Only after that they told us that normally, we couldn’t come into the room as the lady was to be put in quarantine, and as interns, we were yet to be trained.
At the end of the year, unfortunately, I had to go back there for my final exam. I got a man who didn’t spoke French, couldn’t be moved, and had a medical history so big it didn’t fit on my sheet. What’s more, they didn’t gave me all of his medication, something I didn’t notice until my teacher was there because they let me access my patient’s file barely ten minutes before I had to go take care of him. Which made me fail the exam.
One day, one of those nurses came and told me I speak too well, they thought I was a snob. That’s maybe why they were so obnoxious…
They single handedly put me off the nursing job.