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10 Wrong Customers Who Tried To Blame Anyone Else But Themselves

| Right | June 14, 2021

Dear readers,

The bad customers that you’ll find on this site are an entitled bunch, and with that entitlement comes a very bad personality trait – perceiving themselves as “blameless.” They can never make mistakes; therefore, anything that goes wrong is someone or something else’s fault – never theirs! This, of course, makes it extra satisfying when they are proven to be the one at fault and their entire worldview shatters for a moment before the disillusioning fog of entitlement sweeps in to hide it again.

We’ve rounded up ten stories from our archives about wrong customers who were absolutely to blame, but blamed everyone else!


Speaking Of Analog To Digital Transitions… – Don’t confuse customers with facts. Or fax.

Drunk Dialin’ – Sounds like someone doesn’t need anymore alcohol. Possibly ever.

The Advantages Of Speaking Dudenese – Something’s wrong with the connection… in their brains.

Shoplift And Drag And Haul Away – Unless your pocket is like a TARDIS or Hermione Granger’s beaded handbag… you’re probably fine.

Foldering The Blame – Normally, I’d say the student is responsible for his grades. But this time I may actually blame the teacher.

Money, Money Everywhere But Not A Brain To Think – Apparently, you don’t have to be smart to drive a car.

Putting The Me In Blame – Someone needs their glasses prescription updated.

About To Have A Power Struggle – Stop! I only have so many brain cells left and you’re killing them!

Undeveloped Mind – Hits from the comments: “Well, that’s a whole new level of paranoia.”

Making Phoney Claims – Pretty sure the previous caption applies double for this customer.


We hope you enjoyed this Customers-Are-To-Blame roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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