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10 Wacky Wedding Tales To Read Before You Walk Down The Aisle!

| Right | September 20, 2021

Dear readers,

A lot of our roundups are inspired by weird “holidays”. This one is inspired by the fact that I recently watched an episode of a fifteen-year-old TV show where one of the characters had a somewhat unconventional wedding. (Actually, it was two weddings: one to appease the bride’s Buddhist grandmother and another to appease her Baptist mother. A thousand Internets to whoever guesses the show!)

So, inspired by this show, we bring to you a roundup about weddings! Weddings and the planning thereof are an incredibly stressful business. Theoretically, you’ll only have one in your lifetime, so naturally, you want all the details to be perfect. Here are 10 stories about the wedding process going a bit sideways!


Dyed With Fresh Afterbirth – Maybe if you tie-dyed it…

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Pink – Sounds like their alcohol budget just tripled.

The Wedding Veil Of Secrecy – Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that conversation!

A Rehearsal Reversal – What’s the opposite of a bridezilla? That’s this lady.

The Birth Of Deaths And Marriages – It’s right there in the name! Grooms-men!

Get To The Punch Line – I’m going to start using this whenever people ask when my partner and I are having kids.

A Bridal Shower Of Criticism – The most micromanaging mother-of-the-bride we’ve ever seen!

Hasn’t A Prayer Of Keeping Quiet – Kids not only say the darndest things, but they do so at the darndest times.

Stress About The Dress – If I didn’t already have a great job, I’d want to work for this manager!

Truly Hiding In Books – These two really found each other, didn’t they?


We hope you enjoyed this Wedding-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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