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10 Times People’s Profanity Was Prolific

| Right | August 17, 2021

Dear readers,

There is a time and place for everything, and foul language is no exception. The trick, however, is knowing when and where that is. Front row at a metal festival as Slipknot takes the stage? Perfect time to scream, “F*** YEAH!” at the top of your lungs. Just bit your tongue at Sunday lunch with your grandma-in-law? Probably best to opt for, “Oh, pickles,” instead of, “Ah, s***.”

Last December, we brought you a roundup about customers who couldn’t stop swearing. Today, we’re bringing you ten more stories from our archives about people who use profanity like punctuation!


Children Of The Scorn – And just where did you learn language like that, young lady?

Checking Him In And Checking Her Out – Free speech does not mean freedom from consequences!

A Cleaner With A Dirty Attitude – “F*** you! I’m not swearing!” I’m sorry, what?!

Pint-Sized Profanity Patrol – Starts off vulgar, ends super f****** cute.

He Should Have “Stopped” While He Was Ahead – Hits from the comments (and The Simpsons): “Don’t make me tap the sign.”

I Say Potato, You Say Something Obscene – They probably feel very different when… Never mind. I don’t want to get fired.

Three Is A Magic Number – Sometimes the only way out is to call their bluff.

Up-Hold-ing The Law – Professional as always, officer.

Dressing Up The Vulgarity – The patience this employee has is incredible.

A Good Ol’ Fashioned A** Whoopin’, Part 2 – Shout-out to Grandpa for doing the dirty work!


We hope you enjoyed this Swearing-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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