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10 Times Customers Were Terrified Of Subtitles

| Right | April 8, 2021

Dear readers,

The fact that you’re reading this right now, and are likely a semi-regular reader of a website known for having a few… well… words, means that reading is not something you fear. In fact, you’ve very likely read a collection of these so-called words that are thrown together at the bottom of the movie screen, known as subtitles. This particular editor used to use them when watching films in a foreign language, but thanks to streaming services now has them on ALL THE TIME as everything is loud and everyone mumbles and this editor is getting curmudgeonly.

There are many customers out there who do not like reading, which is fine. Many of them can barely finish a sale sign, so how can they be expected to finish a whole movie? We’ve rounded up ten stories about customers who are so scared of subtitles that it brings out ignorance, bigotry, and in some cases, an insistence that Jesus is an all-American hero! Thank you for enjoying reading!


Because Aramaic Is Sooo Last Millenium – Ahhh, the passion of the stupid.

One Man’s Art Is Another Man’s Political Agenda – Does he think they don’t have movies in other countries?

What Is This Culturally Monolithic Country Coming To – Wait until they find out that Americans didn’t invent English.

Senseless Sensibility – No, their major was in being an idiot, with a minor in stubbornness.

Dub And Dubber – Sounds like a refund isn’t on the menu.

The Man With The Dubbing Taboo – Hits from the comments: “Apparently, she doesn’t speak English, either.”

Reading Into The Gradual Lack Of Reading In This Country – It’s one thing to struggle with enjoying a movie and reading subtitles at the same time. It’s another to be a jerk about it.

El Burro Sabe Mas Que Tu, Part 2 – In my high school Spanish class, we watched Dennis The Menace. “Señor WILLLLLLLLSONNNNNNNNNN!”

God Forbid – Sure not reaffirming our faith in customers…

Warning: Movie May Require Brain Cells – No, the subtitles don’t cost extra!


We hope you enjoyed this Subtitle-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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