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10 Stories, Bad Customers, And A Pizza Place

| Right | November 3, 2020

Dear readers,

Nothing warms the soul quite like fresh hot pizza. Whether you like stringy cheese making it impossible to cut a slice away with any dignity, or you get personally offended at the thought of adding pineapple, we know there’s a pizza out there for everybody.

The following ten stories, excavated from our archives and thrown into the stone oven to be warm and ready for our readers, are all about other kinds of pizza lovers – sadly, the kind that those working in a pizza place could do without. So, grab a hot slice and settle down for ten stories of bad and stupid customers you wish you could throw away with the crusts.


A Hot Slice Of Obvious – Hits from the comments: “You know there has to be some NAW-worthy story behind that question…”

Immeasurable Confusion – “It’s about the size of a medium pizza.”

Me Customer, Me Hungry – Sometimes you need that pizza in your belly right just now!

Hulk Smash Weasel Customer – The manager is the perfect topping on this rude customer pizza!

History (Deep) Pans Out – Here’s where pizza gets serious.

A Misunderstanding Of Pi – That’s not how any of this works.

Pretty In Puke – This roundup was really making me hungry. I’m over it now.

One Slice Of Trigonometry, Coming Up – Ah, yes. A classic case of stupid.

Doesn’t Un-Dough-Stand What Pizza Is – Hits from the comments: “None pizza with left beef!” If you know, you know.

One Good Turn Perturbs Another – I’m so glad this roundup is over. I can’t take any more stupid.


We hope you enjoyed our pizza-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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