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10 Stories About Writers That Will Make You Want To Pick Up A Pen!

| Right | November 29, 2020

Dear readers,

November is National Novel Writing Month, a month when people attempt to write 50,000-word novels in the span of thirty days. Today, we want to celebrate writers of all kinds who create literature all months of the year!

We’ve carefully curated 10 stories from our archives that everyone can enjoy, writers and readers alike, about people who write and the obstacles they encounter – sometimes obstacles they put up themselves!


Life Is Stranger Than Fiction-Writers – Everyone knows that “fiction” is just another word for “bold-faced lies,” right?

His Lawyers Should Have The Book Thrown At Them – Hits from the comments: “If you want to be a writer but can’t take criticism… you are in totally the wrong profession.”

No One Likes An Unsolicited Editor – As a kid, I used to correct friends’ notes that they passed me in class. That never went over well, either.

Fantasize About Throwing Her Into The Swamp – Yeah, because fantasy is never a metaphor for real life.

Fanfiction Writers Finally Taken Seriously, And It Only Cost Them Everything – In a way, aren’t the Marvel films just fanfiction of the comic books?

That’s A Compliment In Anyone’s Book – Now that’s how you encourage repeat customers!

Emma Gets Frosty – If women don’t read (or write) comic books, then why is Captain America so hot?

Guaranteed To Shut Anyone Up – It’s not every day you run into a story that’s this educational!

Writing’s On The Wall For This School – If you want students to become better writers, you’ve got to give them proper support!

Worse Than A Bad Cop Is Bad Writing – Writers of all kinds have to take artistic liberties periodically.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about writers! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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