10 Stories About People Who Didn’t Nail It At The Salon

| Right | December 30, 2020

Dear readers,

There are things we all miss about life in less… contagious… times. For some of us, it’s movie theaters or live theater or concerts. For others, it might be bars or bowling alleys. And for still others, it’s barbershops and salons.

During a year that’s been more stressful than any other in recent memory, one thing I miss more than ever is the relaxing feeling of being pampered in a nail salon. I miss the quiet bubbling of pedicure tubs, the buzzing of nail drills, and the satisfaction of walking out with shiny, bright colors on my fingers and toes. And more than anything, I miss the people-watching!

So! We’ve rounded up 10 stories from our archives about strange and frustrating encounters at nail salons. We hope they help remind you of all the irritations you’re avoiding by staying home! It worked for us.


Aren’t Manicures Supposed To Be Relaxing? – Somebody got their claws out in a hurry!

Divas Balk But Money Talks – Spare no expense for your princesses!

Hard As Nails – Blood is beautiful, don’t you know?

Nailed Any Chance Of A Tip – On the one hand, ouch. On the other hand, they’ve probably been lied to before.

Won’t Be Digging Your Nails Into This – This is why unsupervised children shouldn’t be allowed in salons.

The Final Unpedicured Nail In The Coffin – My heart breaks for you. Really. Truly.

Two And A Half Customers – Hits from the comments: “She might be a child, but she still has feet.”

Pedicures Are All They Are Cracked Up To Be – Getting your nails done can be addicting!

Mani-Pedi-Moany – If you can’t pay with wet nails, how do you expect to get home?

The (pedi)Cure To All Problems – And as an added bonus, you have an excuse to buy new shoes!


We hope you enjoyed this nail-salon-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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