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10 Stories About People Doing Things Hilariously Backward!

| Right | January 31, 2021

Dear readers,

!yaD drawkcaB lanoitaN si yadoT

Today is National Backward Day! Doing things backward usually results in frustration, one way or another, whether you’ve just realized your underwear was on backward all day or you tried to put your card into the chip reader backward with a line of ten people behind you and the cashier is staring and dear lord, the anxiety!

Anyway, here are 10 stories from our archives about people who just got things backward. !yojnE


Paying By Card Can Be A Backwards Affair – Are you speaking English? Then, yes.

Always Right, Especially When It’s Mom – It’s bad enough when they embarrass you at school.

The Hardest Class In High School – We’ll be writing a caption just as soon as we stop giggling like teens.

Un-Sue-table Behavior – Or you could just get a real job.

So Punny It Hertz, 2.0 – I kind of want to format my mental hard drive after this.

Driving On The Right Side, And The Wrong Side – Fun fact: 163 countries drive on the right side of the road; 76 drive on the left.

Not Remotely Intelligent – These are things you should try before you call.

Braving The Wild Arctic Terrain, One Token At A Time – How big is your skeeball machine?!

Good Thing They Caught Each Other, Part 5 – Awww, look at these cute little love-nerds.

They Need A Backup Sign – Hits from the comments: “You’re assuming she even has a license.”


We hope you enjoyed this backward-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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