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10 Stories About Parents Who Are Going To Get Their Children Killed

| Right | October 20, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s scary enough being a parent, even when you are on high-alert all day! Baby-proofing the apartment, however, seems to be a long way from the minds of the parents in the following ten stories. They’ve been rounded up based on the staggeringly poor judgment they show towards their children’s safety, making us wonder how their children have survived this long!

Prepare for some shocking stories!


One Gets You High Speed, The Other Just Gets You High – I’m not a regular parent; I’m a cool parent.

Tonight At 11: Mom Coats Baby In Semigloss – Hits from the comments: “And morons like this are why you SHOULD have a sign.”

Some Allergies Can Be Swept Under The Table – Sounds like she’s just allergic to being nice.

Goldilocks Is Better Off With The Bears – This is why there should be a test before procreating.

A Bit Grey With Anatomy, Part 2 – Hits from the comments: “Well, ma’am, I’ve watched every single episode of House at least five times and hereby diagnose you as an idiot.”

Telling A Tall Tale – Sure she was, buddy. Sure she was.

Blood Must Run Thick In Their Family – Nothing like a mother’s love to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Short-Sighted Fathers – What part of “your kid could die” do these parents not understand?

Ah, Fathers, Part 3 – Babies are people, too, you know.

Let’s Not Make Her A Real Angel – She’ll probably grow out of her shortness. You, however, will always be an idiot.


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