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10 Satisfying Stories About Customers Who Failed Miserably At Bluffing

| Right | March 16, 2021

Dear readers,

Bluffing comes with a dubious sense of morality. It is acceptable in certain games (hey there, poker!) but the entire concept is based on deception, so it’s an issue when a customer tries to use it to get what they want or break the system.

To stand in solidarity with the customer service workers who not only have to deal with bad customers but also those who are actively trying to deceive them through bluffing, we’ve rounded up ten satisfying stories from our archives about customers who failed miserably when their bluff was called.


Spoken Like A True New Jerseyan – That’s because you don’t pump your own gas in New Jersey.

Forever Unatoned – Personally, I’d call the cops, the church, and their mommies.

Black-Belt In Bluffing – Calling his bluff with your own bluff! The ol’ double-bluff!

Losing Him In Multiple Translations – “No, thank you,” would probably have worked better.

Needs A Part Of Truth – You know, when you lie, your ears turn purple.

An Operatic Failure – Hits from the comments: “If you play a bluff, always expect that it might be called.”

The Prints-iple Of Bluffing – If you had a nickel for every time a customer said they were going to a competitor, you wouldn’t have to work that job anymore.

Installation Cost Inflammation – We were going to ask if this scam had ever worked, but…

If You Bluff Online, They Can Still See Your Tells – You can’t believe everything you see online, anyway.

Getting Booked Into Jail – For once, a manager actually encourages rudeness in their employees! Wild!


We hope you enjoyed this Bluffing-Customers-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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