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9 Stories About Customers Who Are Confused By Foreign Languages

| Right | November 13, 2020

Dear readers,

Languages are amazing, and knowing several has huge advantages. Sometimes not knowing the right word for something can result in a hilarious misunderstanding. Other times, someone’s aversion to a foreign language can explode into full-blown racism. Over the years at Not Always Right, we’ve been told tales of all kinds, and so we’ve rounded up nine of them for you here today.

So please enjoy, disfrutar, 请享用, 즐겨, 楽しい, genießen, அனுபவி, régalez-vous, आनंद लेना, and apreciar this roundup!


Coriander Kimchi – Suddenly, everything tastes like soap.

Acting Nutty – Okay, now that’s just plain adorable.

Babel-ing On – Hits from the comments: “Apparently, I’m reasonably fluent in Idiot.”

In Soviet Russia, Language Speaks You – Some people can’t even handle speaking one language correctly. Good job, you.

There Is Norway I Can Understand You – Ethnocentrism starts early.

Best Not Order The French Fries – Estoy asustada.

Incheon Further Away From The Answer – Why didn’t these people pay attention in school?!

Se Habla Japañol – Ain’t being bilingual great?

In A Tsary State – That’s what you get for Russian to conclusions!


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