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10 Stories About Customers Misunderstanding Spanish And Behaving Totally Estúpido

| Right | February 4, 2021

Dear readers,

We live in a beautifully multicultural world full of different cultures, races, and languages. Spanish is the second-most spoken native language in the world with 460 million native speakers, yet many in the English-speaking world give it a bad rap. Whether it’s assuming that speaking Spanish in the USA is “un-American” or forgetting that “Mexican” isn’t a language, there are enough of them out there (especially in the retail world) for us to make this roundup.

We’ve rounded up ten stories about customers who find ways to approach the Spanish language in the worst ways possible. Disfruten!


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head, Gets Decapitated – Hits from the comments: “Oh, she stole your job as a university professor?”

Fun With Language Barriers – “Si, señor?” has never been so hilarious.

Hey Look, It’s Raining Change – So… should we consider that a tip, then?

South Of The Border Of Intelligence – This is why studying languages in school should be mandatory.

Incheon Further Away From The Answer, Part 2 – I’d caption this story, but I don’t speak moron.

In George We Trust – George Washington also wrote One Last Time and Right Hand Man. Lin-Manuel who?

There Is No Voice Of Reason – In my experience, Spanish words are much simpler to pronounce than English ones.

Translation Is No Small Feat – Until 2010, “ch” was its own separate letter in the Spanish language!

Bean There, Done That – Hits from the comments: “Si, señor, aquí están tus frijoles.”

Can’t See The Forest For Los Arboles – They’re confused, we’re confused… Time for a siesta.


We hope you enjoyed this Confused-By-Spanish roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here! Got a picture of your gorgeous doggo? Share them in the comments!

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